Our Projects – Kabale, Africa

Plant a Seed has had an incredible journey in the country of Uganda, namely,  Kabale, Uganda.

In the year 0f 2003, John Gish and a team of men went to Kabale, Uganda,  after the Gideons informed him that there was a need for a church at an orphanage there.  The orphanage at the time was about 80 children.

Brethren Community Fellowship, with the help of a team of men, went and scouted the area for the placement of a chapel. The BCF church along with Plant a Seed Foundation, built the chapel, (seats 1,300) and purchased the property it was built on.

From this time on, Plant a Seed purchased some additional property and built a school for 1,300 students over the next three years. (Cost: $278,000) Plant a Seed also sent teams over to assist, plan, and build the school, dorms, and additional needed quarters for the staff. There are 1,350 students that are enrolled in the classes at KTC. (Kabale Trinity College)

In 2007 Plant a Seed purchased 20 acres of land and built a farm consisting of bananas, pineapples, and corn. There were also some goats purchased for the purpose of having meat for school lunches. This farm has given the Kabale Trinity College School a real boost in the children’s daily diets, as well as additional income for the operational costs of the school.

Plant a Seed Foundation sent a team in 2008 to increase the farms ability for more production, by building a new irrigation project. It has tripled the production as well as giving the neighbors in that vicinity the privilege of purchasing water from the farms pumping resources. Plant a Seed has also finished building a home for the individual that supervises the farm operation.

Plant a Seed plans to continue to support and help the Chapel, the school, and the Farm for years to come!